We have an extensive range of complimentary products and services from a number of specialist companies who
are all world recognised market leaders in the industry.

AR Modular RF

RF amplifier systems and RF amplifier modules with output powers from 5 – 5,000 watts and frequencies from 0.01 – 6,000 MHz.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

EMC test equipment including broadband high power, solid state, RF amplifiers and microwave amplifiers, TWT amplifiers, log periodic antennas, high-gain horn antennas, software and field probes.

Barthel HF Teknik GmbH

Narrowband RF amplifiers for multiple applications, scientific, plasma generation, medical (MRI).


Precision measurements of complex RF signals, RF power meters/sensors/volt meters, modulation analyzers, audio analyzers and PIM testers.

Comtest Engineering BV

EMC chambers and shielded rooms.


Travelling wave tube amplifiers for non EMC applications, RF and microwave applications such as radar, EW, communications systems. Supplier of AR's TWT amplifier solutions.


Specialist antennas, mostly low frequency for specific testing and also a few standard EMC antennas.

IKONIX USA - Associated Power Technologies

AC power sources for a variety of test and measurement, avionics, manufacturing, and military applications.

MK Messtechnik

EMC camera and audio systems for EMC test laboratories plus some accessories such as FO links.

Montena Technology SA

Montena specializes in the generation and measurement of high-voltage fast transient impulses, simulating natural and human-made electromagnetic phenomena.


EMC automation software, complete package or available as modules, RI, RE, CI and CE.


Noise generators, noise measurement instruments and components.

Noiseken Noise Laboratory CO., LTD.

Electrostatic discharge guns and pulse generators.

SunAR RF Motion

Positioning equipment and antennas for EMC and wireless testing.


Test and measurement products, mainly the thermistor mount power sensor calibration and high power RF test systems. Target customers are accredited calibrations labs.


RF and high frequency amplifiers and high voltage sources for EMC applications, good for narrowband and some specific pulse applications.


Broadband single and three phase precision power analysers.