RF and Microwave

A broad range of instrumentation, accessories and components are available for such applications as; wireless and satellite communications; EMC; medical and scientific research; defence/aerospace; and radiation hazards monitoring.

  • RF Broadband Power Amplifiers
  • Microwave Power Amplifiers (Solid State and TWT)
  • RF and Microwave Amplifier Modules
  • Signal Generators and Power Meters
  • Attenuators, Loads and Waveguide
  • Spectrum Analyers
  • RF and Microwave Components
  • RF Prediction Software Tools
  • RF Monitoring and Survey Equipment
  • Cable and Antenna Analysers
  • Signal Analysers
  • Vector Network Analysers
  • Analog and Vector Signal Generators


  • Wireless and satellite communications
  • EMC
  • Medical and scientific research
  • Defence and aerospace
  • Radiation hazards monitoring


  • AR RF & Microwave Solid state amplifiers and modules, TWTA's, antennas, accessories
  • AR Modular RF Amplifiers, modules and military tactical radio booster amplifiers
  • Barthel HF Teknik GmbH arrowband RF amplifiers for multiple applications, scientific, plasma generation, medical (MRI)
  • Boonton Test equipment dedicated to measuring the power of RF and Microwave systems
  • ETM CW and pulse TWTA's for military and SAT COM applications
  • Noisecom Electronic noise generation equipment and noise sources

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